About the Owner

Miss Barefoot

Natasha Wearing a 1973 Biba dress from her personal collection

Natasha wearing a 1973 Biba dress from her personal collection

Natasha Egan-Ronayne has accumulated, studied, restored and nurtured a lifetime of vintage style, design and fashion for over 25 years

This dedication has led to the creation and success of Barefoot Vintage, a brand philosophy that allows Natasha to share her appreciation for the finest vintage artifacts and an ethos built upon love and honest passion

Able to gather inventory from an international plethora of sources, Natasha respects each piece for its historical and aesthetic value and when the moment calls, she often collaborates with numerous vintage specialists to restore certain pieces to as near original condition as possible, using as many traditional methods and vintage materials as can be found

These finished pieces not only echo their original allure and refinement, but can also be appreciated by another generation, while this desire to source and reinvigorate vintage pieces also extends beyond vintage fashion and now includes antiquities and select curios from around the globe

Natasha currently lives in a renovated 1934 parish-style home with her much-loved author husband and two apparel loving daughters in central Cambridge, England