Ossie Clark Black Moss Crepe 1973 Maxi Dress - Courtesy of Barefoot Vintage

Ossie Clark 1970s Black Moss Crepe Maxi Dress: Courtesy of Barefoot Vintage

The Collection

Established in 2007, Barefoot Vintage has become an international online resource for buyers of luxury vintage clothing and accessories, while ‘The Collection’ itself serves owners and designers from every country associated with style and fashion, past and present.

Applying a thorough and detailed conservation method, each item in our collection is individually quarantined, thoroughly examined, fully restored, carefully archived and finally sealed in a climate-controlled depository until the point of sale, a process we are very proud to share with you and one that instils immediate confidence  in our clients.

For the integrity of our inventory ‘The Collection’ is not open to public viewings, although fully purchasable within our online boutique. It is our hope that sometime in the future we shall host pop-up shops in central Cambridge, England, where our existing clients and new customers may then browse a curated selection of vintage clothing and accessories in person.

That said, on select occasions private viewing and customer collections may be arranged by prior agreement, while a complete guide to determining proper fit, along with a detailed explanation of our shipping and return policy may be found on our customer care menu.

In closing, experience has taught me to share what I love with others, and so it is a guilty pleasure for me to share ‘The Collection’ with you as I personally strive to improve the ‘Barefoot Vintage’ experience every day of this adventure we call life.

Thank you for being a part of that journey.