Vintage crepe dress Azzaro

Vintage Editorials: Azzaro With Glitter…

Vintage Editorials: Azzaro With Glitter

Loris Azzaro – A glittering new designer made famous by his clients…

Vintage Editorials: Azzaro With Glitter…

First Of All… Loris Azzaro

“Most famous designers ascend to public fame after recognition in their own world of fashion, or after being lauded by the press.

But Loris Azzaro, whose glittering clothes are first seen in these pages, is being made successful by his customers – and when your clients are Lisa Minnelli, Bardot, Martinelli and Bacall, fame must follow.

Already he has salons in Paris, Milan and Rome, and a boutique in St Tropez, where he started”.

Vintage Spider web sequin dress
Sequins and spider’s web. About £305.
Vintage crepe dress Azzaro
Deep turquoise crepe dress with mirrored three-link “collar” which plunges to the waist. About £135.
Vintage red chiffon dress Loris Azzaro
More rings, this time in metal, fastening long red chiffon. About £220.

And Furthermore…

“One of Azzaro’s trademarks is bare shoulders, in contrast to the totally covered look for evening which has been popular for so long.”

Marisa Berenson, Joel Gray and Lisa Minnelli at the Paris opening of Cabaret.

Most Noteworthy…

“Both are wearing Azzaro dresses – Miss Berenson’s in the clinging sequin fabric which is one of Azzaro’s favourites. Lisa Minnelli wears a purple jersey Azzaro design in the film – with bare shoulders and a curtain of fine chains over the midriff.

Other women who buy from this former schoolmaster turned dress designer are Marlene Jobert, Zsa Zsa Gabor (who bought 18 dresses on one visit), Elsa Martinelli, Jean Seberg, Lauren Bacall”

Off-the-peg silk and sparkle for Birkin and Bardot in their new film.
Loris Azzara at a party with Mrs Allen Manus (wearing Azzaro).

And So Finally…

Vintage Editorials: Azzaro With Glitter…

Photography by Helmut Newton, Fashion Editor is Cherry Twiss, Make-up by Estée Lauder.

Scanned by Miss Booty Barefoot from The Daily Telegraph Magazine, December 22nd 1972.

I stumbled upon this stunning editorial over the Christmas period. I absolutely fell in love not only with the photography, but also with the fabulous fashion.

Some of the images are so breathtaking that they almost appear to be painted.


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