Daniel Hechter Vintage Fashion by Barefoot Vintage

Vintage Editorials: Daniel’s Angels…

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Daniel Hechter Vintage Fashion by Barefoot Vintage
Unique wool round neck sweater with wool gaberdine trousers. Sweater: £18.50. Trousers:£20.75.

Vintage Editorials: Daniel Hechter’s Angels…

First Of All…Daniel Hechter (First posted by Barefoot Vintage on 2nd May 2016)

“Before your very eyes – something to amaze and delight you from Polaroid and Simpson of Piccadilly. From Simpson – beautiful clothes by Daniel Hechter and sunglasses by Polaroid, captured for posterity and you by David Bailey, using Polaroid’s revolutionary SX-70 Land Camera.”

Daniel Hechter Vintage Fashion by Barefoot Vintage
Cotton gaberdine raincoat with gathered yoke. £85.50. Blouson:£43.50. Red Shirt £14.50. Skirt: £20.25. The SX-70 Land Camera closed, compact as a clutch bag. Price; £109.00.
Daniel Hechter Vintage Fashion by Barefoot Vintage
Close-up on the raincoat and a honey rimmed glare-killing sunglass, big and beautiful.
Daniel Hechter Vintage Fashion by Barefoot Vintage
Wool tank top and synthetic shirt. Tank top: £16. Shirt: £17.75.

And Furthermore…

“Before your very eyes – something irresistible, Simpson and Daniel Hechter, with the SX-70 Land Camera, it’s all so simple. You focus, touch a red electric shutter button, and within 2 seconds out spills an apparently blank sheet of film. Gradually, almost magically, the picture develops before you.”

Daniel Hechter Vintage Fashion by Barefoot Vintage
Far Left: Wool trenchcoat £55.00. Green frame sunglass. Style no.7411. Centre: Cotton velvet coat with gently gathered yoke both back and front and fur-trimmed hood. £88.75. Left: Cotton corduroy blazer, fine wool skirt, and synthetic shirt. Skirt in free, browner black predominant prints. £66.00 the suit. Shirt. Cream. £28.00. Plus, ready for action – the SX-70. From a slim package encased in leather, the camera in one movement is open and all set to go.

Most Noteworthy…

Clothing for this article were sourced from Simpson by Daniel Hechter. Once again David Bailey astonishes us with his striking imagery using a SX-70 Land Camera.

And So Finally…

Vintage Editorials: Daniel’s Angels…

Photography by David Bailey.

 Scanned from Vogue Magazine Oct 1974

Scanned by Miss Booty Barefoot for Vintage Editorials: Daniel’s Angels…

on the 2nd May 2016.



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