Tough Tights

Pretty Polly Vintage Advert

"For the first time, tough tights that don’t look it"....... Pretty Polly DAYSHEER25 - photography uncredited and scanned from Vogue September 1972


Natasha Egan-Ronayne

Natasha (a.k.a Miss Booty Barefoot) is a Cornwall-based Vintage Boutique owner, style maven and all-out fashion lover. She is also an active vintage fashion blogger, street style photographer and vintage magazine curator.

Being a busy mother of 2 children, devoted wife and Boutique owner certainly takes up most of her time, however there are 24 hrs in a day, and 7 days in a week, so she tries to squeeze as much out of her life as she possibly can.

You can also find her at Facebook and Instagram @missbootybarefoot.