Vintage Fashion Is A Saga and A Romance

There is a certain romance in finding the ‘Perfect Vintage Piece’. You either know exactly what you are looking for or just so happen to stumble upon the item of your dreams. Whichever way you find what you are looking for, you know that it has a past and a history that you may want to find out more about. You understand that it has been loved and cherished before and that there is a sequel coming, with a future full of adventures.

I feel passionate about every single item that has been collected and displayed within these pages. I feel that each item has value because of its story, its impact on fashion, or its significance to its original owner. I make sure that each piece is cared for, appreciated and passed on to someone who feels the same way.


Each of the items in the collection goes through the same process to ensure that our customers experience minimal surprises (other than the good kind) when they open their box from Barefoot Vintage.

The Process

▪ Items are acquired and inventoried separate from existing back stock to prevent cross-contamination. Once inventoried, items are inspected for flaws, marked, and sorted according to necessary repair.

▪ Inventoried stock is wet-cleaned in-house if appropriate, or Dry Cleaned by professional Vintage Dry Cleaners.

▪ Some clean stock is professionally repaired, if necessary, according to the repair. Some of the measures taken to restore items include:

▪ Restoring and weighting original seams and hems

▪ Replacing buttons and other findings (using vintage alternatives whenever possible)

▪ Replacing deteriorated elastic

▪ Re Sole and replacing heels

▪ Polishing and conditioning

▪ Restored items are placed within Barefoot Vintage Listings Inventory and sold on to my wonderful customers.