Vintage Editorials: Pulse n Pamper…

Vintage Editorials: Pulse n Pamper…

Vintage Editorials: Pulse n Pamper…

‘Shown here, just a few of the hundred and one electric aids and battery-powered gadgets that help to thin, tone and massage your face and figure…Sun lamps, hair dryers, the machines here, can be used at home. Others, like the Hawkins machine – newest form of passive exerciser – can only be operated by experts in beauty salons. For reviving your hair – Kenwood Matchmaker heated rollers (new nine-roller set £8 0s.8d)…For firming jawline and all facial muscles –  Minitone transistor facial firmer (30 gns) …For toning face, scalp and body – Pifco’s Massager with attachments (£5 19s. 6d) … For spot reducing thighs, hips or any part of the body – Slendertone (Debutante four-pad machine, 52 gns)…To slim the waist and get you into good shape via faradic currents – the Dynabelt (£35).’

Vintage Editorials: Pulse n Pamper...Scanned from Beauty in VOGUE 1969/70 by Miss Booty Barefoot. Vintage Fashion visibly explored in all it's glory!
Linen from The White House, New Bond St., china from Liberty. Photography by Hans Feurer

‘INGREDIENTS: 1 see-through display bath by Vogue Baths, 1 bottle Royal Windsor Gold Ocean Foam, 1 hand towel, 1 whisk brush, 1 wooden bowl Floris Soap, 1 bottle Germaine Monteil’s Royal Secret eau de toilette, 1 bottle Estée Lauder’s Youth Dew Body Satinée, 1 bowl Fabergé’s Kiku dusting powder, 1 Siamese cat optional.

METHOD: Turn on the cold tap and run water until bath is two inches deep (this reduces condensation). Turn on hot tap and fill bath to temperature required. Do not have water too hot, it encourages thread veins. Perfume to taste, with a generous scoopful Royal Windsor Gold Ocean Foam with oriental herb extracts including Ginseng and Alpine herbs. Wrap head in hand towel turban. Test temperature of bath water, then sink gently in. Soak for 10-15 minutes, according to taste. Wash with soap of choice using whisk brush. Rinse throughly, and dry. Splash on eau de toilette and moisturise with Estée Lauder’s Youth Dew Body Satinée. Dust generously with Kiku chrysanthemum scented dusting powder.’

Vintage Editorials: Pulse n Pamper...Scanned from Beauty in VOGUE 1969/70 by Miss Booty Barefoot. Vintage Fashion visibly explored in all it's glory!
Take one bath, add foam, salts, milk, soap and powder and you have the recipe for an Instant Beauty Treatment. Photography by Barry Lategan.

Photography by Barry Lategan and Hans Feurer. Beauty Editorials by Elizabeth Kendall. Scanned from Beauty in VOGUE 1969/70 by Miss Booty Barefoot for Vintage Editorials: Pulse n Pamper…

About 10 years ago when I was the tender age of 32, back when I was frenetic in mind as well as overenthusiastic by nature, Friday’s were essentially my days for cleaning the Cambridgeshire flat I called home for 13 years. I would literally strip down to my undies, don a substantial pair of long cuff bathroom gloves and scrub, polish, bleach, buff, wipe and hoover each and every corner, every sideboard and every flat or vertical area my trained eye scanned. Work never truly stopped until everything reeked of bleach or polish, the kitchen towel was hanging asymmetric to the cooker handle and then and only then, according to my obsessive mind – all was well in the world.

When I think back to those days I truly cringe. The obsessive behaviour essentially stopped after an extended period in therapy and a few years before the birth of my first child. After which time I really didn’t have the time or inclination to waste so much of my existence cleaning away old soaked in metaphorical stains. I was way to busy leaving my dead-end managerial job and giving up 70% of my time looking after another little human being, other than my inner child.

Back in the day Saturday’s used to be a day of recuperation – a time to de-toxify, rid the body of the vast amount of alcohol I had usually consumed the night before. That was of course prior to my self-proclaimed self-enlightenment and also more importantly before the babies came along.

Now a day’s Saturdays are another day to go to the gym, go to the park with the kids, a day to work (as I do every day), a day to pamper perhaps…. well I’ve never used a slender tone (although I’m sure hubby would love to see me in this rather vulnerable position) …but a nice hot bath sounds great…for the purposes of absolute relaxation, without child induced stress, I must remember to lock the bathroom door! xNx

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