Miss Barefoot

Miss Barefoot

I would say that I am somewhat of a chameleon, a perpetual pre-loved rummager, and earnestly dubbed by those that love me, as a ‘First Class Girl-Geek’. I trained in Business & Economics and then moved on to a successful career in Management. I have been an independent vintage collector since 1989 and trader since 2007, officially launching Barefoot Vintage in March 2012.

Miss Booty Barefoot (aka Natasha) in her various vintage fashion wearing poses....
Miss Booty Barefoot (aka Natasha) in her various vintage fashion wearing poses….

Alongside my mother, a self-trained seamstress, I spent many a summer day watching her work as a new & used clothing trader at the Strawberry Fair in Cambridge in the 70′s. I shared in & loved the experience, the fashion, learning to cut and make clothes, choose fabrics, and the bohemian life style, so I suppose you could say I was born into the business to some degree. Blending my business knowledge with my passion in life, made perfect sense and was as natural to me as breathing. I am naturally drawn to the strange, different or unusual in life and have always preferred the uniqueness of individuality when it comes to fashion, music and popular culture. My unconventionality has brought me to a point in my life where I am free to develop my passion for the elegance in Vintage Fashion. I am not a specialist by any means, more an avid enthusiast & researcher with a sound knowledge base – so I tend to cherry pick vintage items, to own or pass on from particular eras that have touched me the most – 60′s & 70′s especially. I have some wonderful examples in my personal and professional collection including pieces from Ossie Clark, Biba, Mary Farrin, Jeff Banks and Bus Stop as well as many other spectacular designers and beautiful unsigned items from all eras. Over the years, I have amassed a large collection of wonderful Vintage Magazines and literature, which have always been a great source of inspiration for me. You will find a small but steadily growing selection here, within my blog, filed under Magazine Archives, which I will endeavour to update as often as I’m able. Life has taught me to not only accept the past but to trust the future and to share who I am and what I love with others. So, I have shared my enthusiasm by virtue of my blog, touching on the things that enliven, captivate or encourage artistry in many forms. I can say, that I absolutely love all that I do, which I am sure encourages in me, an eye for beauty, detail, and high quality classics that just work. I encourage throwing caution to the wind, going with your gut, trying something new or in the case of Barefoot Vintage something VINTAGE & feeling the grass between your toes every now and then. Help yourself to a part of my world, I hope that you like what you find within…. xxx Natasha xxx

Like to get to know you well….

I couldn’t do any of the above without the support of my loving family: I am happily married to Neil, my best friend, spiritual advisor, bottom-kicker and rock  – all rolled into one! I am proud to say that I have two confident and beautiful little girls Neave and Cassidy, who run me ragged every day, and at every opportunity. I am also a self-confessed iMac loving, workaholic – my family would tell you that they are experts at examining the back of my head…. Top 3 Bands – Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner and Toto to name but a few… Top 3 Movies – Close Encounters, All John Hughes, Alien (sorry gotta include JAWS here..) Books – Lord of the Rings, John Bradshaw, Black Dagger Brotherhood (dear lord…biting lip) Colours – Purple but I wear black nearly all the time. Clothes - Obviously vintage, but most day’s I wear skinny/boot or flare jeans, I love a dress – easy on, easy off. Shoes – Prada 6 inch heels, ironically, I wear boots and flats all year round. Food – I love cake and never avoid it. Tipple – Vodka and fizzy water, just in case anyone is buying! If I am living in the past and I am happy – then hey…at least I’m happy! xNx