About Us

ABOUT Miss Booty Barefoot & Barefoot Vintage

I would best describe myself as an aspiring vintage mentor; a pre-loved clothing magpie, an adventuresome collector, a devoted wife, loving mummy and complete workaholic.

My working history centered on extensive Senior Management, Research & Resource Investigating. However, I have always had a simmering passion for vintage clothing since I was a teen, and collected all that is vintage since then. In hindsight, that simmering passion was always destined to be The work that I was born to do’.

My maternal family history began in dress making & tailoring, progressing to handmade & used clothing retailing, at the renowned Strawberry Fair in Cambridge in the early 1970's. I shared in that wonderful experience and so I suppose you could say I was always involved in the business to some degree. For me the motivation was to investigate the history behind each garment and so vintage was always my passion first and foremost - out with the new and in with the vintage!

Personally I have always been guided by the strange, different or unusual in life and have preferred the uniqueness of individuality when it comes to fashion, music and popular culture.

I am not a specialist by any means, because I believe we never know it all and are always learning, so I would consider myself more an avid enthusiast & researcher with an ever-broadening knowledge base. I tend to cherry pick vintage items for private ownership, or to refurbish and restore from particular eras that touch me the most - 50's 60's & 70's especially!

I love to research every item I find and often spend hours, days and sometimes even weeks, obsessing about a particular designer or era. I can say and those who know me comment, that I possess an eye for beauty, detail, and high quality classics that just work, and my customers seem to think so too. 

Vintage clothes are quite simply put the BEST MADE CLOTHES EVER! They were built to last and so they clearly have! The design was impeccable, the tailoring incredible and durable. And as an added bonus, by buying Vintage you are reducing your carbon footprint.

Where we are today is the result of a 25-year habit of “salvaging” vintage garments. For every rare item that I sell, another classic piece is embraced, cared for and lovingly passed on, ensuring that the legacy of each and every vintage piece continues.

Barefoot Vintage is certainly my passion and I would encourage everybody to throw caution to the wind, go with your gut, try something new or in the case of Barefoot Vintage something VINTAGE and feel the grass between your toes every now and then...

Lastly, I would love for you to help yourself to a part of my world; and I sincerely hope that you like what you find within…

Natasha xx